THE MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE | Includes: The Rig + The Hammock + Year of Unlimited Classes

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The Membership package is for anyone looking to practice AIReal Yoga. Featuring all the equipment you’ll need plus One Year access to our Annual Membership. This is a full set of everything you need for daily practice, with new content being released each month. Our digital class catalogue features hours of classes and practice for you. Whether you’re just getting into aerial yoga looking to kit up for the first time, or you’re a seasoned pro looking to refresh your equipment, this is everything you’ll need for a rewarding practice. 


We have a rule: if we don’t use it, we won’t sell it. So you can be sure that everything in The 50 Package meets the highest professional standards and safety regulations. 

What you’ll get: 

    The Rig:

    Made from high quality aluminum to ensure the lightest safest most durable aerial yoga rig available. Comes with an AIReal hammock of your color choice, with our quick-link system for you to hook up at home and at the studio.

    Engineered for over 1000 lbs of weight strain and certified for safety and quality before ever leaving our manufacturing facility. Easy assembly (4 minutes of less) with minimal instruction.

    Works perfectly for AIReal, Lyra, or any aerial practice.


    • Hammock is 5.5 yards of fabric
    • Rig is made of aluminum making it inherently rust proof, durable, and light
    • Easily portable: each leg breaks down into two pieces for transport

    • Can be used for one or two point connection

    • Footprint: 9'6" x 9'3"; weight: 71 lbs; height: 8’6”


    The Membership:

    This membership will give you all you need to practice AIReal at your own pace. Guided through postures with the added bonus of complete lesson plans, you will be joining a community of like-minded individuals who look to float together.


    • Learn how to use your hammock and rig as a support tool for your practice, helping you to modify poses and alignment

    • Unlimited viewing of all our online classes so you can work on perfecting that pose, mastering that breathwork, or finding the ultimate restoration

    • Gain access to a robust library of course materials from printable, downloadable, lesson plans to pose sequences and breakdowns 

    • New and freshly added content to keep you inspired and engaged in your continued education

    • AIReal Yoga is part of the Certified Yoga Alliance and classes can be used to count towards your 200 or 300 hour certifications

    • Go deep with class playlists, suggested scents, and other tweaks to personalize your practice