THE BUNDLE | Includes: Rig + Hammock

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Made from high quality aluminum to ensure the lightest safest most durable aerial yoga rig available. Comes with a premium AIReal hammock of your color choice, with our quick-link system for you to hook up at home and at the studio.

Engineered for over 1000 lbs of weight strain and certified for safety and quality before ever leaving our manufacturing facility. Easy assembly (4 minutes of less) with minimal instruction.

Works perfectly for AIReal, Lyra, or any aerial practice.


  • Hammock is 5.5 yards of fabric
  • Includes all the gear you need to set up at home
  • Rig is made of aluminum making it inherently rust proof, durable, and light
  • Easily portable: each leg breaks down into two pieces for transport

  • Can be used for one or two point connection.

  • Footprint: 9'6" x 9'3"; weight: 71 lbs; height: 8’6”

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  • Engineered Rig
  • 1 Aerial Hammock (5.5 yards)
  • 1 Carabiner
  • 1 Swivel
  • 1 Quick-Link 
  • 1 Sling